“Excellent service. They were fast, quick to respond, polite, and easy to work with. If you ever have an opportunity to purchase a product from this company, you shouldn’t have any doubts. My phone had defects (it was within my warranty), and they replaced it free of charge no hesitations. They really value their customers. Easiest 5 stars given.”

Christopher Ng

“I came to this store on Tuesday, I had been sent a phone through my work and needless to say the phone wouldn’t work. The store was busy and a woman served me. She was so polite and helped me set up my phone and get it working. So happy with my service. I didn’t even purchase my phone through this store but now that I know I can have my account serviced locally I will come back! Thanks so much for the great service. I will definitely be recommending this store to my friends and family.

Samantha James

“Responsive and personalized service. They truly care about their customers at SmartCell, and the whole team is dedicated to the customer experience. Good value financially as well, they will make sure you get the best deal both in terms of your needs and your budget. Highly recommended!

Kyle S

“We have been using SmartCell for a few years now as a medium sized business. They have been very responsive, knowledgable and excellent to work with. I can highly recommend them.

Dave Ellis