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Stream, play, connect or browse on all of our internet plans because TELUS enables you to do everything you love to do online.

TELUS PureFibre® Internet

Live uninterrupted with our fibre internet

Some things just shouldn’t fail. Your internet is one of those things. With TELUS PureFibre, you
can enjoy uninterrupted internet that won’t let you down.


Fibre direct to your home

Only TELUS PureFibre is fibre all the way to your home.

Speeds up to 2500 Mbps

PureFibre comes in many wonderful flavours – from fast to WOW!

Symmetrical download and upload speeds

Fast downloads and equally fast uploads, another way we beat the competition

Award winning Wi-Fi 6 hardware

Wi-Fi 6 delivers the speed of PureFibre throughout your home.

Wi-Fi built for better connections

With our award winning, Wi-Fi 6 enabled hardware multi-tasking is no problem. Make video calls, browse, game online and update your social media – all at the same time. Use the TELUS Connect app to control your Wi-Fi, monitor usage, see who’s online, plus get 24/7 support.

Wi-Fi Plus

Get wall-to-wall Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Plus

With our award winning2, Wi-Fi 6 enabled hardware multi-tasking is no problem. Make video calls, browse, game online and update your social media – all at the same time. Use the TELUS Connect app to control your Wi-Fi, monitor usage, see who’s online, plus get 24/7 support.

Internet Deals

PureFibre Internet

Get real fibre. PureFibre Internet from $89/month.

You deserve better internet. And you can get it with PureFibre® Gigabit – only TELUS offers 100% fibre direct to your home.

Gigabit Internet + Nvidia GeForce Now

The Ultimate Gamers Package only $110/mo.

Unlock access to over 1,500 games and over 100+ free games, like Fortnite and Cyberpunk 2077 with Nvidia GeForce Now5, powered by Canada’s most reliable internet technology.

Gift with Purchase

Get a FREE 55" Samsung 4K HDR Smart TV

Valued at $749.99, you can get one when you bundle Optik TV & PureFibre Internet for 2 years.

Rural Internet

Smart Hub

Smart Hub uses our 5G and LTE networks to bring you fast, reliable Wi-Fi you can install in minutes. Now you can do all the things you love online, no matter where you are

Powered by purpose

Connecting for Good

Internet for Good helps connect qualified individuals and families in need by offering subsidized, high-speed Internet.

Learn about Internet for good
Community Grants

By placing community funding in the hands of local leaders who know our communities best, we’re giving where we live from coast to coast.

Learn about Internet for good
Progressing the path of Indigenous reconciliation

Through our world-leading technology and passion for creating stronger, healthier communities, we’re supporting the goals of Indigenous Peoples.

Learn about Internet for good

Frequently asked questions

TELUS always makes sure that every customer receives sufficient bandwidth (or capacity) to get close to their posted speed, even during peak hours. This means, for example, that if you’ve signed up for Internet 750 – whose posted speed is up to 750 Mbps – you will actually experience speeds of up to 750 Mbps day and night, including the peak hours of 6pm to 11pm.

Cable internet providers routinely place too many customers on shared connections. During quiet times, their customers may indeed enjoy the advertised speeds. But in busy times – precisely when you’re most likely to need a fast connection – real life speeds will be much lower.

Even if you’re not yet in a PureFibre area, you still benefit from more consistent speeds than those offered by our competitors.

TELUS is dedicated to creating a 100% fibre optic network1 – TELUS PureFibre. Fibre makes a better internet connection because it can provide better bandwidth, faster speeds, and much better reliability.

Fibre optic cables are made of glass, not metal. That makes a fibre optic internet connection immune to many of the forces that negatively affect traditional cable internet – like electrical interference, water and oxidation. It’s even impervious to temperature fluctuations.

The majority of our customers already enjoy a fibre optic internet connection direct to their homes. And that number is growing quickly, as we spend over $1 billion per year expanding our PureFibre network.

For customers that are not within PureFibre communities, we are offering fast and reliable DSL connections, including both ADSL and VDSL. Unlike cable internet, DSL lines are not shared with your neighbours, so you can expect consistently fast internet, even during the busiest times.

Our high speed internet plans vary by location. In many areas, we now offer speeds of up to 2500 Mbps (2.5 Gigabit Internet).

All plans include unlimited data and price guarantee when you sign up for a 2 year term.

What’s considered a “good” high speed internet connection depends very much on what you plan to do online. If you live alone, and you mainly just email and surf the web, then even our lower-speed plans (15 – 25 Mbps) will meet your needs.

If you’re heavily into streaming HD and 4K video, you should be looking for a home internet plan with at least 75 Mbps. If there will be multiple people sharing your connection, then you’re better off with 150 Mbps or more.

If you have an entire household of very active internet users – who stream multiple 4K shows at the same time, take video calls, are into online gaming, and like to back up large amounts of data in the cloud – look for a plan with 300 Mbps or more.

You can never have too much speed. And it’s always good to have some extra on reserve. So if it’s available in your area, our Gigabit Internet (940 Mbps) is the ultimate high speed internet plan.

Download speed means how quickly you can receive data from the internet. When you’re browsing websites or streaming music or video, it’s download speed that matters.

Upload speed means how quickly you can send data to the internet. This is important for high quality video conferencing (including Skype and FaceTime) uploading large files and – especially – intensive online gaming.

Most internet service providers have “asymmetrical” plans, with upload speeds that are much slower than download speeds. So, if you see a home internet plan that refers to a speed of “300 Mbps”, read the fine print. You may find that the upload speed is only 15 Mbps.

TELUS PureFibre internet plans are “symmetrical”. That means the upload speeds are just as fast as the downloads. For example, our PureFibre Internet 750/750 plan boasts download and upload speeds of up to 750 Mbps.

All of our plans now include unlimited home internet data on a 2 year term.

Even if you’re not on an unlimited plan, all of our home internet plans come with generous data allowances, and you’ll be notified if you ever approach your limit. You can also monitor your data usage in your My TELUS account, so we recommend you keep an eye on it – at least for the first few months. Then you’ll get a feel for whether you should upgrade to a bigger plan, or possibly add Unlimited Data Usage to your account.

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