LivingWell Companion

What is the LivingWell Companion? 

LivingWell Companion is an emergency response service for vulnerable individuals who may require assistance immediately after an incident.

This results in thousands of older Canadians and their families receiving peace of mind.

Act now and save $120 every year on LivingWell Companion Go. 

TELUS’ LivingWell Companion is recognized as Canada’s most affordable personal emergency response service.


TELUS Health Companion 

Get around the clock access to a live operator discreetly around your wrist on Apple Watch. There needs to be TELUS post-paid Mobility plan and an iPhone 6s or later  Limited time offers available now. 


LivingWell Companion Home 

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you or your loved ones are safe at home.

There is access to help 24/7, resulting in comfortable and secure independent living.

LivingWell CompanionGo 

On The Go
  • Feel confident and protected wherever life takes you. There is automatic fall detection, built-in GPS and access to 24/7 emergency support.
Enjoy peace of mind, for you and your loved ones 
  • Feel safe knowing you’re always connected to help with the pendant.
Safe. Secure. Simple. 
  • Help is always just the simple press of a button away.










Worry less, live more. Find out more today!



Introducing TELUS SmartHome Security

Step 1 – A Sensor is Triggered 

  • Our home security system plans include products such as motion sensor, auto-recording security cameras, and door & window sensors 

Step 2 – Get an alert on your device 

  • Choose which types of alerts you’d like to receive. If the sensors detect anything unusual around your home, you’ll receive a notification to your phone 

Step 3 – Response  

  • Depending on your plan, you can choose to either respond directly to the alert or to have a professional guard verify the alarm and if needed, contact emergency services 

Set the scene for your home security 


  • Secure your home with an automated morning routine 


  • With one click of a button, lock your doors, turn off your lights and turn down the temperature as you head out for the day 

Garage door 

  • Know all entrances to your home are secure 


  • Stop double-checking and second-guessing 









Smart plug 

  • Never worry if you forgot to turn off a hot appliance, like an iron, again – control it from your phone 

Indoor security camera 

  • Breathe easy knowing your pets are happy or kids got home safe 


Home sweet home just got sweeter 

Smart plug 

  • Turn on the slow cooker from the office – or from on the couch 

Daily recap 

  • Easily review the highlights from the day – see who came to the door, when a package was delivered and more 


Your smart home stays awake, so you don’t have to 


  • Go to sleep knowing your home is protected with night vision cameras 


  • Turn off all your lights from the comfort of your bed 


You and your data are safe with us 

  • Unlike large tech companies, we won’t be listening into your conversations to collect your private data. What happens inside your home is private – and it’ll stay that way. 
  • We follow Canadian privacy laws and never sell your data. 


Request a call back with a sales expert to see which SmartHome Security plan works best for you.



TELUS Refer a Friend


Every friend you refer to join the TELUS family will help support amazing programs like TELUS Mobility for Good. This initiative provides free phones and data plans to youth transitioning out of foster care. When we’re all connected for good, we help those who need it most.


For youth leaving foster care and low-income seniors, a phone can be a lifeline, helping them stay in touch with loved ones, maintain vital support networks and build new lives. Mobility for Good® supports these vulnerable community members with subsidized smartphones and plans, giving them a better chance to thrive.

Your contribution makes a difference in someone else’s life!

Refer your friends today;

  1. Send a referral Login and follow the links to send a referral email. 

    • Login and follow the links to send a referral email.

  2. Receive a $75 bill credit 

    • You’ll get a $75 bill credit for every person you refer that activates a line with TELUS.

  3. Give a $75 bill credit

    •  Your friends and family will receive their $75 credit when they activate their phone(s).

For more information and to start referring, click here.

TELUS SmartHome Security

Take control of your SmartHome Security

See why TELUS SmartHome Security is the smart choice:

  • No upfront equipment costs

Receive an average of $500 worth of equipment included in your plan 

  • Integrated system – in a single mobile app

Control it all from your smartphone. Whether you’re at home or on the go, manage your home security system easily 

  • Plans that save you money on insurance

According to the Canadian House Association, the average detached home owner in Canada saves $20 per month on their insurance with a professional monitored system.

HD Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

See what’s happening around your home.

This weather-proof camera can capture live and recorded video around your home.

Smart Plugs

Turn your lights on without flicking a switch.

Create the right atmosphere for your home by connecting any lamp for full lighting control.

Smart Thermostat

Enjoy all-day comfort, save on energy costs.

Control your home’s temperature remotely, or let it adjust automatically to your family’s needs.

Flood Sensor

Know about potential flooding as soon as it happens.

Get notified of emergencies that could result in property damage. Take action before it’s too late.

Smart Smoke Sensor

Get notified if smoke is detected in your home.

Alerts you through the app. A great supplement to your existing smoke sensor.

Smart Lock

Lock and unlock your front door remotely.

Lock and unlock your door, or create a special code that will only work during the times you specify. Great for visitors, deliveries and appointments.

Slimline Doorbell Camera

See and speak with whoever is at your door.

Hear it ring, see who’s there and have a two-way conversation – no matter where you are.


As we continue to undergo the Covid-19 pandemic, the mental health crisis continues to rise. With many of us feeling hopeless, lost & unsure of when the end will come, it is crucial to focus on our mental and physical health during this time. TELUS health has taken into account the current environmental situation, and adjusted matters to provide resources for those in need of mental health services.

Rethinking mental health;

  • Providing the best-in-class tools, treatments & services 

  • Helping individuals, companies and industry professionals cope with mental health challenges 

Our Mental Health Commitment 

All Canadians should have faster access to high-quality, evidence-based mental health support. Whether it’s through our state-of-the-art mental health practices, virtual care services or custom industry tools, we believe innovation and technology can change the face of healthcare.

Virtual care for employers and their teams

Access to mental health resources—anytime, anywhere

The TELUS Health Virtual Care mobile app makes care more accessible by providing 24/7 mental health support via text and video. Even if an employee is travelling abroad, our team is always on call to provide counselling, referrals and prescriptions (where appropriate). We also have a team of therapists who offer virtual therapy by appointment.

  • Registered counsellors and psychologists

  • Available in both English and French

  • Includes coverage for immediate family







Support for first responders

Tools and resources for the frontline

Espri by TELUS Health enables organizations to support frontline workers with targeted mental health resources. Developed alongside medical professionals, it’s designed to foster habits essential for wellness and stress management for those in emergency medical services, law enforcement, firefighting and healthcare.

  • Timely access to help in times of crisis

  • Proactive stress management tools and tips

  • Shareable mental wellness content

  • Care and support for frontline families







Personalized care for individuals and families

State-of-the-art care centres

TELUS Health Care Centres treat mental health with the same importance as physical health. No matter what stage of life or treatment you’re in, our friendly team of specialists can provide personalized peace of mind.

  • Best-in-class services for kids, adults and families

  • Multidisciplinary treatment all under one

  • Friendly, approachable professionals

  • Virtual and in-person sessions







Personalized care for individuals and families

Putting EMR innovation into practice

Intuitive and easy-to-use, TELUS Health EMR solutions are designed to support psychiatric practices. Customizable to the unique needs of patients, it allows psychiatrists to:

  • Communicate securely with patients and other providers

  • Efficiently find, update and store encounter notes

  • Prescribe and manage medication

  • Manage records and lab results on the go with the EMR mobile app


TELUS aspires to become a zero-waste sustainable community – help us by doing your part and make your impact on helping to save our environment!


To drive social innovation, we are funding and ultimately empowering businesses globally to help solve some of the biggest challenges our planet faces, today and tomorrow. 


In 2020, we launched TELUS Agriculture to help feed the world, while improving the quality and safety of our food by leveraging our technology for good.








Through investments in innovative technologies like 5G and sustainable business practices, we’re working to build a better future for the next generation. 

Powering smarter cities

Through our Smart Cities solutions we’re leveraging emerging technologies like 5G to transform urban areas into safer, greener cities. 

Caring for our planet 

We’re helping make the world a better place, environmentally and socially.







Zero waste goals 

    •  Committing to carbon neutrality 

    • UN Global Compact commitment 

We are working towards becoming a zero-waste company by reducing: 


Real estate-generated waste by 65% by 2025 


Real estate-generated waste by 80% by 2030 


Warehouse-generated waste by 95% by 2030 


Network materials-generated waste by 85% by 2025 

TELUS Mobility For Good

TELUS Mobility For Good

Say Hello to Awesome!

Upgrade your current phone line, or activate a new TELUS service and contribute to an amazing initiative! For every Samsung A32 5G and A52 5G sold at TELUS from April 23, 2021 to May 31, 2021, TELUS will give a new Samsung Smartphone (maximum of 6,000) to help vulnerable Canadians stay connected through our Mobility For Good Program.

Our Mobility For Good Program is designed to:

Helping our most vulnerable succeed

  • For youth leaving foster care and low-income seniors, a phone can be a lifeline, helping them stay in touch with loved ones, maintain vital support networks and build new lives. Mobility For Good supports these vulnerable community members with subsidized smartphones and plans, giving them a better chance to thrive.

Finding real connections in a digital world

  • Every year over two thousand youth transition out of Canada’s child welfare system. If you’re a youth aging out of foster care or a low-income senior in Canada, you may be eligible for Mobility For Good.

TELUS Agriculture

At TELUS, not only do we care about your ability to remain connected – we also are passionate about agriculture & food safety. We are on a mission to tackle one of the most significant social challenges of our generation, feeding the world, while improving the quality and safety of our food by leveraging technology innovation and human compassion.

Empowering Growth

Connect a rural world underserved with communications capabilities.
Empower all parties by digitizing key information.
Exchange digitized information to help all parties operate more efficiently.
The goal is to create a more transparent & improved quality of the information being circulated across the food system.


Connected solutions for farm management, optimized profitability, increased efficiency and insights.


Data-driven technology for improved efficiency, visibility, agility and responsiveness.


Know what’s happening in your fields. Connected solutions for farm management, optimized profitability, increased efficiency and insights.


To our clients, colleagues, and community;

Throughout the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety of our community has remained paramount. In a prudent effort to meet our social responsibility to mitigate the spread of COVID- 19, SmartCell Communications has adopted new protocols and controls in our return to the workplace and opening of our retails locations to the public.


To action the lead of Public Health Authorities, SmartCell Communications has implemented additional practices and policies to ensure the safety of our staff, clients, and the community. If you choose to visit our stores you will certainly notice some changes.

Our risk management approach to COVID-19 in the workplace focuses on four key pillars:

  1. Clear communication – communicating our new protocols and procedures with staff and clients.
  2. Personal protective equipment – masks, antibacterial hand soap, hand sanitizer.
  3. Physical distancing – distancing protocols, engineered barriers, directional signage.
  4. Duration of exchange – eliminating or limiting prolonged periods of close contact*.

* Close contact is considered personal interactions that break the two-meter guidelines for physical distancing or contact in a confined space (boardroom) for prolonged periods of time. In these situations, the use of PPE (facemasks) is mandatory for both employees and clients.

SmartCell Communications has also increased its cleaning and disinfecting practices within our stores. This includes special treatment of workstations, high contact areas, and shared or common spaces.


Clients are of course welcome to visit us in our stores. We encourage, in every possible instance that visitors schedule their visit to our stores. This allows us to manage and take the appropriate precautions for the number of individuals in our entrance, showroom, and meeting areas.

Additionally, visitors to our stores will:

  • Wear mask while inside the building – if you do not have one, we can provide one to you.
  • Register to our visitor log-book – in the event timely contact tracing is necessary.

Please understand that we are implementing these precautions to keep everyone healthy. Especially those visitors who are more vulnerable. So please have patience and help us keep everyone safe.

SmartCell Communications remains steadfast in its commitment to support Ontario during this time. We will continue to monitor the situation and update our practices and policies in accordance with recommendations and direction from public health officials as necessary.

Thank you for your understanding during this crucial time.

Stay well and take care,

SmartCell Communications

The Koodo Spring Sale

The Koodo Spring Sale

We now offer Koodo online! Get the Koodo Spring Sale right from the comfort of your own home or office here.

Get the phone you want on the terms that are right for you with the Koodo Spring Sale.

You want options? How does a $0 phone with no hidden fees and no fixed-term contract sound? Or phones that are eligible for a Tab Bonus to help reduce the cost even more? The Tab makes it easy to get the phone that’s right for you.

Pause your data, so you’ll never get an unexpected overage.

With Shock-Free® Data you are in total control of your data usage. And the best part is, it’s included on all plans.

We run on Canada’s largest 4G LTE coast-to-coast network.

Canada’s Happiest NetworkTM. An awesome network with even awesome-er customer service is just one of the reasons people stay with Koodo. It literally doesn’t get better than this!

You’ll be glad to know that Koodo runs on Canada’s coast-to-coast 4G network covering 99% of Canada’s population. So your coverage will stretch from east to west and north to south. And of course, you can always roam south of the border. Now that’s flexibility!

It’s easy to find out if your phone is compatible with the Koodo network, most 4G/ HSPA phones will work. Remember, if your phone is locked to a specific carrier, you’ll have to get it unlocked to use it on our network.

All plans include

  • Unlimited Canada-wide minutes
  • Unlimited international messaging (text & picture)
  • Call Display, Voicemail, Call Waiting and Conference Calling

Want to learn more? Request a callback today.

Learn more about Koodo Refer-a-friend.


Have a question or ready to order? Talk to a sales expert for collaboration.

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