It’s time to embrace Mobilive!

It’s time to embrace Mobilive!

Control your organization’s mobile bills like never before



It’s time to embrace Mobilive. Mobilive is a Mobile Expense Management SAAS that reduces your organization’s mobile spending by consistently monitoring your airtime in real-time. Mobilive’s auto-reporting creates greater company-wide awareness, allowing for great ease and implementation of on-going wireless policies.


Our integrated real-time data solution allows your administrators to view and report your mobile billing from a 360-degree perspective. This will accurately define the most appropriate and cost-effective rates and features that are available to your end users based on their usage and travel patterns.


Mobilive’s auto-reporting has helped some of our clients reduce their mobile bills by 40% and control unexpected bill shock. Minimize the number and type of bills your organization has and easily identify dead accounts, over and under usage, all on one platform.


Mobilive is a real-time Mobile Expense Management utility that reduces your organization’s mobile spend due to voice, data and/or roaming overage.

It was designed for mobile phone users, billing administrators and finance staff who struggle with the on-going reporting and analytics of their organization’s growing mobile phone demands. In 2006, businesses began indicating the growing demand for mobile phone usage within their organization, was becoming overwhelming. The resources required to administer the billing alone had become a fulltime job within itself. Through these clients, Mobilive was developed to address every imaginable aspect of the challenges with your organization’s mobile billing.

Continuously MONITOR your organization’s usage and receive reports for ANY overage to your within your organization. Once any overage is identified, Mobilive will contact your organization to apply the appropriate rates or add-ons; virtually eliminating any degree of bill shock.

Mobilive manages more than your airtime, it also reduces the dedicated time that your Administrators, Finance and even your end users, traditionally allocate to mobile billing analysis, control and spending.

It’s time to stop managing airtime and bills. It’s time to embrace Mobilive!

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