Wednesday Wisdom!

Welcome to the first edition of Wednesday Wisdom at SmartCell. Every Wednesday we will be providing you with insights into the telecommunication industry.

On this week’s edition…

Have you noticed your cell phone battery life slowly deteriorating over time? Join Adam, the Service & Repair Technical Manager, as he discusses the importance of batteries in cellphones. He could have a solution for you!

At SmartCell, we specialize in servicing and repairing mobile phones on both the consumer retail and business wholesale levels for our corporate clients. Our professionally trained technicians will repair your mobile phone on-site and fix the issue.

Whether you spilled water on your device, accidentally dropped your phone, or your phone stopped working we can help.

Dead battery? Jammed charging port? Unreliable headphone jack? We will find a fast and effective solution.

We provide immediate diagnosis and a personalized quote for your mobile phone issues. Successful repairs come with a lifetime warranty, excluding physical damages, for any defects or poor cosmetic manufacturing. We are offering repairs on all Apple iPhones, Samsung devices, LG series and Huawei devices. Prices will vary depending on service level required.

Please contact our service department at for inquiries. Or  request a callback to learn more about TELUS today.

See you next week for another edition of Wednesday Wisdom at Smartcell!


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