Introducing Google’s most helpful phone. The new Google Pixel 4 is here. Experience the Google Pixel 4 on Canada’s largest network.

Capture the cosmos. Get the shot without the flash.
The camera that can take photos of the Milky Way. Capture rich detail and colour, even in the dark. Night Sight is now faster and easier to use.  
Challenging shots made easy.
Adjust exposure in separate parts of the photo and capture vivid colours, even with photos that you take in your favourite apps.
Focus on what matters. With a second camera lens, Portrait Mode is now even better. Backgrounds fade into an artful blur, giving photos a DSLR‑like quality. Beautiful photos, no matter where you take them.

A lot of help. Little effort.

All the helpfulness of Google. All the help you need, fast.

Your Google Assistant on Pixel is the easy way to get things done – send texts, get directions and even plan your day. To get started,

just squeeze your Pixel or say “Hey Google”

*Requires an internet connection and a Google account.


A new way to control your phone.

Wave hello to motion sense.

Pixel 4 has Quick Gestures, letting you get things done without having to touch your phone.

Navigate your music. With Quick Gestures, a wave of the hand above the screen allows you to skip songs.

Snooze and silence. Quick Gestures also lets you snooze alarms and silence phone calls, just by waving your hand above the screen.

Power for the apps you use the most.

Do more of what you love without having to look for a power socket. The Adaptive Battery learns your favourite apps and reduces power to those that you rarely use.

Introducing Google’s most helpful phone. Choose the right Pixel for you.

Available in Oh So Orange, Just Black, and Clearly White.

Order yours today.

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